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Have A Technical Question About Your BMW? Ask A Genius at Braman BMW

BMWs contain a lot of technology these days, much of it under the hood where it does its work invisibly, automatically. But some of it lives with you in the interior, where, if you know how to use it properly, it makes the driving experience safer, more convenient, more fun - and even more educational.

It's the 'use it properly' part that gives us trouble sometimes. And when it does, wouldn't it be great to have some BMW genius available who knew everything about every system and could get it all working for us?

Yes, it would. And that BMW Genius - a bunch of them, actually - work at Braman BMW.

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What Makes a Genius a Genius, and What Do They Do?

The dictionary defines 'genius' as "a person who is exceptionally intelligent or creative, either generally or in some particular respect." And the BMW Geniuses, both men and women, have gone through an extensive training program at the BMW factory where they learned everything there is to know about BMW technology - and how to teach you to make it work for your benefit.

Whether it's something as simple as how to pair your smartphone to the car, or something more complicated, like setting up the navigation system or getting real-time traffic reports to make your morning commute more stress-free, they can teach you how to do it.

Or maybe you're looking down the accessories list and see things like 'adaptive suspension,' 'carbon-composite brakes' and you want to know what they are and if you need them. Ask a BMW Genius and you'll get the straight story; it's not their job to sell you anything, it's their job to help you get exactly the vehicle you want, and to make sure you know how to use that vehicle to the full extent of its capabilities.

How Do I Get To Talk To A BMW Genius?

From opening to closing, every day of the week, Braman BMW has Geniuses on duty? If you have a question your Client Associate can't answer, ask to speak to a Genius and one will be right there.

When you've signed on the dotted line and are taking delivery of your car, a Genius will be right there with you, sitting in the passenger's seat, explaining how each system works and helping you get the basics set up (like making sure your phone is connected and your navigation system will get you from here to there).

If you've had your new BMW for a couple of weeks and there are some things they told you at the dealership but you don't remember, or maybe you're just digging a little deeper into the technology and come across something new - call and schedule an 'Encore Delivery.' That's where you come back to Braman BMW and a BMW Genius will sit with you in the car and answer every question.

What If I Need To Ask A Genius A Question But I Don't Have Time To Go To The Dealership?

There are a couple of ways to access the knowledge of a BMW Genius for a quick question. There's the smartphone app (there's an app for everything these days!). You can watch videos about how to work various features on your car, and you can get specific product information about your particular year and model.

The BMW Genius App is available for both Android and iPhone, and you can get it from the Apple App Store by clicking here , or from Google Play here .

And there's a national BMW Genius hotline that you can call Monday thru Saturday, 9am to 9pm - 1 (844) 443-6487.

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One Last Word About the BMW Genius Program at Braman BMW

All the high-tech systems on your new BMW, both standard and optional, are designed to the same high standards of performance and reliability as the rest of the car. So, if you find you're having difficulty making one of them work properly, it's probably not broken, just confused. Before you call the service department, call a Braman BMW Genius - that's what we're here for.